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ASUS ROG Ally to Have Improved Battery Performance before Its Launch

ASUS's global marketing director Galip Fu claims that the team made some software changes that will bring a 10-20% improvement in battery life for the device.

When ASUS sent out the first units of its handheld ROG Ally to reviewers, the overall reception was mixed – while some reviewers praised the product, others expressed dissatisfaction.

However, all reviewers had a consensus regarding the device's battery life, with several of them reporting that the ROG Ally's battery lasted a maximum of four hours on a single charge. Even ASUS's global marketing director, Galip Fu, acknowledged that 10 percent of the preorders were canceled after these initial reviews, despite many of them praising other aspects of the portable gaming PC.

According to a recent report by The Verge, however, the device is set to receive improvements to its battery life. In a comment to the outlet, Fu shared that after the initial wave of reviews, he and his team had "some very serious meetings" and dedicated considerable time to thoroughly investigating the issue and addressing the issue.

Fu said that the team has eventually found a solution – it implemented some software changes that will result in a 10 to 20 percent improvement in battery life for the ROG Ally. One of these changes, for instance, will allow users to disable one of the cores in the AMD Z1 Extreme CPU while engaged in gameplay.

What ASUS won't be doing, however, is adding a bigger battery inside the ROG Ally. Fu explains that doing so would "drastically increase the overall weight of the device." 

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