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Cities Skylines 2 Dev Refunds The DLC And Promises Improvements

"We asked for your patience and support, and you’ve shown those. In return, we let you down."

In response to a barrage of overwhelmingly negative comments, particularly regarding the first DLC which was released at the end of March, Colossal Order, the developers of Cities Skylines 2, have issued a heartfelt apology to their devoted fans via a forum post yesterday.

They've decided to offer refunds where possible and make the Beach Properties pack free for all, acknowledging that the $10 DLC was prematurely released before it was fully ready. 

Image Credit: Colossal Order Ltd., Cities: Skylines II

For players who purchased the Ultimate Edition, however, direct refunds will not be issued due to distribution complexities. Instead, they will receive compensation in the form of three Creator Packs and three Radio Stations, a package estimated to be worth $39.99.

Image Credit: Colossal Order Ltd., Cities: Skylines II

The developer has decided to prioritize free patches and game updates over new paid content. As a result, the originally planned Bridges and Ports Expansion will be postponed until 2025.

The console release, initially scheduled for spring, has encountered challenges due to optimization issues. Colossal Order now aims to have a release build ready by October, pending the progress made in the upcoming builds. The company maintains that the console and PC development teams operate independently, ensuring undivided focus on both fronts.

Image Credit: Colossal Order Ltd., Cities: Skylines II

Looking at the path the game has taken since its release six months ago, it's clear that players' frustration hasn't subsided, as evidenced by the 'Mostly Negative' recent reviews of the game on Steam. Top comments include, "Still in beta state 6 months after release but start selling empty DLCs," and "This game is so bafflingly bad it arguably has destroyed Colossal Order's reputation."

With all these being a huge pain, the company plans to 'focus on the right things' by organizing a cooperative advisory session with chosen player representatives to deliberate on the yearly development plan.

Image Credit: Colossal Order Ltd., Cities: Skylines II

Despite the discouraging situation, the development team remains committed to realizing Cities: Skylines II as the exceptional city-builder game it was meant to be. Acknowledging the need to regain their players' trust, the team expresses gratitude for the community's unwavering passion.

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