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Controlling Unreal Engine 5 Cloners With Galaxy Buds Case

Arman Jangmiri shared a new amazing OSC-based experiment to control Motion Design cloners and effectors in Unreal Engine 5.

3D Artist Arman Jangmiri, who enjoys exploring the possibilities of combining Unreal Engine with Open Stage Control with creative setups, has presented a new beautiful OSC-controlled experiment employing an earbuds case.

According to the artist, he used his phone's magnetic field sensor, sending the data via OSC to Unreal Engine 5 with the Sensors2OSC app. The OSC data was then parsed with Blueprints to control cloners and effectors in the motion design set. As for magnets, Arman Jangmiri used a Galaxy Buds 2 Pro case, which has a strong magnet at the back.

In the past, we shared a couple of other Arman Jangmiri's cool OSC experiments, including this setup that lets him control lighting in an Unreal Engine-made environment by flickering a real-life light switch and foliage growth effect made with Unreal Engine 5.4's Motion Design mode:

If you're interested in learning about using OSC with Unreal Engine, Arman recommends checking out Aiden Wilson's YouTube tutorials:

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