Dead Space Creator Glen Schofield Praises Motive for Its "Faithful" Remake of the Game

The co-creator of the original Dead Space thanked the team behind the 2008 game and expressed his gratitude to the team at Motive for "remaking the game faithfully."

Glen Schofield, co-creator of the original Dead Space, recently approved the 2023 remake of the sci-fi horror game praising the Dead Space remake team for their dedication to faithfully recreating the game.

Initially, Schofield expressed mixed feelings upon the announcement of the Dead Space remake. He viewed it as a "compliment" but was "kind of bummed" feeling like he was left out of his own game.

"There's this weird, weird thing, like you're not attached to your own game. It's a weird feeling. [...] They want to make a game better than the one you made," Schofield said at the time.

However, now that the remake has been released, the developer appears to have come to terms with it.

A couple of days ago, Schofield expressed his thoughts on the updated version of the game in a comment to a LinkedIn post by Nicole Schofield, an environment artist at Striking Distance Studios.

In her post (spotted by PCGamesN), the artist described the release of the remake as a "strange, bittersweet moment" due to the original game's initial unsuccessful launch but its subsequent growth in popularity and resurgence with the help of Motive's remake.

Glen Schofield, who currently is the CEO of Striking Distance Studios, responded to Nicole Schofiled's post. He expressed gratitude to the team behind the 2008 Dead Space, acknowledging the game's lasting success. He also congratulated the Motive team for their faithful remake and expressed his appreciation.

"To all of you who worked on the original, thank you for your contributions to an amazing game. It has withstood the test of time. And to Motive, thank you for your care in remaking the game faithfully. Congratulations," the developer wrote.

Despite not being involved in the development of the Dead Space remake, Schofield established Striking Distance Studios and created The Callisto Protocol, a space-themed survival horror game largely influenced by Dead Space. The Callisto Protocol did not receive as much critical acclaim as the Dead Space remake, however, it was praised for capturing the essence of Visceral Games' sci-fi horror.

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