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Insider Reveals Next Tomb Raider Game Will Feature Full Open World

A motorcycle and parachute have been added for Lara to explore a big map.

In a recent Twitter post, the user V Scooper, known for sharing exclusive gaming information before official sources, claimed that the next Tomb Raider game will be set in an open world, specifically located in India. The game will reportedly feature vast landscapes and provide players with the freedom to explore using a motorcycle, parachute, and other common traversal methods used by Lara Croft.

Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider

Back in 2022, Dallas Dickinson of Crystal Dynamics confirmed during The State of Unreal 2022 live stream that the studio's next Tomb Raider game will utilize the Unreal Engine 5. He also announced that the next installment of Lara Croft's adventures is currently under development.

Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider

Last December, it was reported that Amazon Games' collaboration with Crystal Dynamics to publish the game. Then, earlier this year, new artwork featuring Lara Croft appeared on the Tomb Raider website. This led fans to speculate that this would be her look in the upcoming game, even though the developers denied these speculations.

Adding to the buzz, V Scooper says in a reply that the game is expected to launch within one year, barring any delays, but this timeline is not set in stone.

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