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Microsoft Discussed Acquiring Nintendo or Valve

More interesting details leaked from the FTC trial. 

More court documents are leaking from the FTC and Microsoft trial – it turned out that in August 2020, Phil Spencer mentioned a possible deal between Microsoft and Nintendo or Valve in one of his internal emails. Spencer also shared back at the time that such deals were not being discussed directly with Nintendo or Valve. Microsoft was only considering them internally.

Image credit: Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the email to Microsoft executives, Spencer stated that Nintendo, "is sitting on a big pile of cash", and their board of directors has shown no interest in expanding their market share.

The head of Xbox added he believed that without a certain catalyst, a deal between Microsoft and Nintendo was not possible.

Spencer said that a deal between Microsoft and Nintendo would be a good move for both companies. The document shares that the Microsoft board of directors supported the move if the opportunity arose. The document is over three years old so a lot might have changed. 

The document was originally noticed by Stephen Totilo. In other court news, legal documents from the FTC trial revealed that Microsoft discussed releasing the next Xbox in 2028. Learn more here. 

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