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Most of Surveyed Americans Do Not Want Super Intelligent AI

A recent poll shows that 63% of surveyed Americans would like government regulation to prevent it from being created.

A recent survey indicates that a majority of American voters are in favor of government regulation to prevent the rise of super intelligent AI. The study, conducted by YouGov for the Artificial Intelligence Policy Institute (AIPI), found that 63% of respondents support regulatory measures to actively prevent AI superintelligence, while 16% disagreed, and 21% remained unsure.

Despite the limited sample size of 1,118 voters, the survey is believed to be indicative due to the broad demographic range of the respondents. The findings reveal that 67% advocate for the regulation of research into new, more powerful AI models, and 69% see the need to regulate AI as a "dangerous powerful technology."

Image Credit: Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

In response to the question, "Which goal of AI policy is more important?", a significant 65% of respondents opted for the answer, "Keeping dangerous models out of the hands of bad actors." This choice notably outperformed the alternative of "Providing the benefits of AI to everyone" picked up by 22% of the voters. This suggests a prevailing concern about the potential misuse of AI, which outweighs the desire for widespread access to AI benefits.

Interestingly, the apprehension around AI does not extend to AI education. When asked about an initiative to expand access to AI education, research, and training, 55% of the respondents showed support, while 24% opposed, and the rest were undecided.

The results align with the stance of the Artificial Intelligence Policy Institute, which holds the view that proactive government regulation can significantly mitigate the potentially destabilizing effects of AI. As it stands, tech companies like OpenAI and Google have a daunting task ahead in convincing the public of the benefits of Advanced General Intelligence (AGI), given the current negative sentiment around increasingly powerful AI.

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