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Open-Source Freecam Tool For PS2 Games On PCSX2 Emulator

If you've ever wanted to explore the corners of your favorite PlayStation 2 title, check out PS2 Cam Acolyte which already supports a handful of horror games.

PlayStation 2 library had plenty of amazing good-looking games and having a tool like this to explore and document them is great news. Whether you're an artist looking for references or just an enthusiast looking forward to a fun weekend rediscovering your favorite old game, this project offers a variety of options and a game library that will expand over time.

Developed by Moonless Formless, PS2 Cam Acolyte is an open-source lightweight Windows app for using camera hacks and other cheat tools on PS2 games running on the beloved PCSX2 emulator. All you need to do is run this app while playing a PS2 game, connect a second controller, and use it to explore your surroundings by flying the camera around, controlling lighting, and more.

Image Credits: Moonless Formless

Right now, PS2 Cam Acolyte is focused on PS2 horror games, in particular early prototypes, with every game supporting a freecam mode and other cheat tools such as disabling shadows or pausing gameplay varying from title to title. According to the GitHub repository, currently, you can run Kuon (Aug 2nd Prototype), Rule of Rose NTSC UC, Silent Hill 2 (Director's Cut) EU, Silent Hill 2 (July 13th Prototype), and Silent Hill Origins NTSC UC with this tool.

Each PS2 game is unique since they all handle culling and camera updates very differently, but the developer promised to expand the number of supported games and functionality over time. The next PS2 Cam Acolyte release seems to be featuring Siren and Haunting Ground:

If you're interested in contributing to this project, pull requests are welcome. Moonless Formless also encourages users to file issues if you run into problems or contact them personally.

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