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Reallusion Ships A Procedural Building Generator Plug-in For iClone

Easily organize your 3D modules into versatile packages, define construction styles with interchangeable components, and enjoy unparalleled flexibility in architectural design using customizable Blueprints directly inside iClone.

While it's a little unusual to see a building generation tool inside software made for character and mocap animation, Reallusion's iClone 8.4 has already introduced some features that could be used for environment art, such as the crowd simulation system. Now, with the new BuildingGen plug-in, you can effortlessly create customizable modular 3D buildings right inside the software to construct diverse 3D environments.

BuildingGen is powered by fast and interactive Blueprints, allowing you to explore different modular components and view the result in real-time. You no longer need to turn to extensive node-graph editing, simply utilize Blueprints to quickly optimize your buildings and create entire neighborhoods in the blink of an eye:

Each building offers a choice of four distinct styles, including Brick, Stone, and White or Green Plaster. With complete control over every element provided with Blueprints, you can mix and match these styles to create unique architectural designs.

Reallusion also made an expansive collection of ready-to-use assets, including 10 pre-designed buildings and over 200 3D components and materials that could be easily customized to your liking.

Image Credits: Reallusion, BuildingGen

Image Credits: Reallusion, BuildingGen

BuildingGen is a flexible tool that allows for structural modification. Add or remove floor levels for the buildings at any moment in production and easily incorporate pillars, fences, balconies, and roofs by adjusting units to customize the building structure.

There are plenty of options for exterior refinement, enabling you to build aesthetics with potted plants or pipes. These decorations come as child elements that automatically align and position themselves on the wall's surface.

Building materials offer day and night modes, allowing you to switch between these two modes to have a broader overview of your project. Some other details can also be added and enhanced such as realistic glass reflection.

Image Credits: Reallusion, BuildingGen

BuildingGen also offers functionality for rebuilding existing buildings without the need to start from scratch. The modular design nature facilitates optimization, allowing for efficient instancing and other performance improvements.

The plug-in is compatible with iClone 8 and above. While it's unclear whether it's possible to use your own imported components, Reallusion has released a French Style pack featuring 10 buildings and more than 600 components, available for immediate use, design reference, and creative modification.

Image Credits: Reallusion, BuildingGen

Image Credits: Reallusion, BuildingGen

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