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Redshift 3.6.02 Extends NPR & Standard Volume Capabilities

June's Redshift release introduces a new Toon Tonemap Cross Hatch pattern, additive blending on the incandescent shader, volume padding, and quality-of-life improvements.

Maxon shipped Redshift 3.6.02, extending the NPR system and Standard Volume capabilities introduced in April, including Toon Material-specific contributions for all light types, a new Cross Hatch pattern, and more.

The Toon Material itself received some new parameters to control if opacity affects reflections or refractions, allowing to create transparent non-photorealistic rendering effects. Artists can also now adjust how individual lights affect toon shading to customize the diffuse, rim lighting, and control contour lines' behavior.



The Tonemap Pattern texture node received a new pattern and some new control options. This Cross Hatch pattern is very beneficial for emulating a hand-drawn style:

It's now super easy to create additive particle effects with the Additive Blend option built into the Incandescent Material:


Artists can extend the new volume displacement in Redshift's Standard Material even further with the new Volume Padding parameter. This parameter expands the volume bounding box, avoiding unnatural cutoffs when displacement pushes clouds, smoke, and other volumes beyond a VDB or Volume Builder's bounding box.

With an improved Cinema 4D integration, it's now possible to choose a custom display for materials via a new viewport output to improve texture placement and adjust the appearance of preview renders:


The other integration plug-ins have also been updated, including support for Blender 4.0 and 4.1.

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