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Respawn Is Reportedly Working on a New Game in the Titanfall Universe

Unfortunately, that's not Titanfall 3. 

There are a few rumors about the games that Respawn has been meticulously crafting. One of them, which we discussed a couple of weeks ago, was a Star Wars Mandalorian title about a bounty hunter that eventually got canceled at the early stages of development.

It seems that there's another game that the studio is working on and which was hidden from us. During the latest Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb shared that Respawn is busy developing a title that will be set in the Titanfall Universe.

The project, currently in the prototyping stage, is expanding its team under the leadership of Steve Fukuda, the Game Director of the Titanfall franchise. While specific details about the game remain undisclosed, sources suggest that it's not Titanfall 3 but rather a spin-off within the universe.

"This game, as it stands today, as far as I understand, is a 'Titanfall game', it's in the Titanfall universe. But everyone I talk to keeps saying, well it's not, don't get in you're mind that it's Titanfall 3, like a game with online multiplayer and a single-player campaign. I'm like, well wait, what, then how is, what is this game? I still don't know," shared Grubb during the discussion (via VGC).

In May 2023, it was revealed that Fukuda was spearheading a small team at Respawn focused on exploring new concepts. This project, which is gaining momentum, aligns with the recent developments reported by Grubb.

Speaking of Titanfall's games, last year, Bloomberg reported that EA canceled an undisclosed Titanfall single-player game, codenamed Titanfall Legends. Hopefully, the one Grubb talked about won't be shut down as well.

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