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Solve Puzzles Of Numbers, Symbols And Shapes In This Indie Platformer

The puzzle already starts from this unique casual game's title. 

The game we are discussing today is titled Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition. Upon seeing the familiar yet unusual symbol ∫, I confess that I've forgotten the knowledge my teachers once imparted. Hence, it's fitting that this game falls under the 'puzzle' genre.

Image Credit: Souris-Lab, Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition

Enter the world of Néro & Sci, where instinct and observation eclipse mathematical prowess to navigate the game's intricate levels.

With gameplay endorsed by the Research Institute for Mathematics Education (IREM de Lyon), Néro & Sci stands out with its unique game concept. 

Image Credit: Souris-Lab, Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition

Néro & Sci hosts a vibrant universe known as Heméide, filled with enigmatic puzzles of shapes, numbers, and mathematical symbols. You'll need to utilize your logical reasoning to overcome the challenges obstructing your quest to enlighten the Synapsian people.

The story centers on Néro, a young Synapsian from Heméide's capital, Curiosita. After an accident in his mentor Psyga's library, Néro and Sci end up in Heméide’s caves, kicking off their escape mission and ensuing adventure.

Image Credit: Souris-Lab, Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition

The game levitates in a balance between platforming and puzzle-solving, allowing you to fight enemies cooperatively, thus enhancing your platforming skills. Additionally, a two-player local co-op mode brings a shared challenge to the table.

With 36 levels in the campaign mode, hidden levels to unlock, and more than 20 hours of gameplay, Néro & Sci is a journey that ensures a rich gaming experience and robust replayability.

Image Credit: Souris-Lab, Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition

Néro & Sci is a remastered, rebranded version of A Tale of Synapse: The Chaos Theories, with updated features as below:

  • New UI, accessibility improved.
  • Checkpoints at each puzzle vs each level.
  • A new mode to increase the difficulty of combat.
  • Revised puzzle mechanics and hints in collaboration with French Research Institute for Mathematics Education (IREM de Lyon).
  • New languages supported.
  • Steam deck compatibility.

Image Credit: Souris-Lab, Néro & Sci ∫ Integral Edition

The release date has not been announced yet, with its Steam page listing it as 'coming soon'. Stay tuned for further updates.

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