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Step Inside: An Explorer's Home Filled with Modern and Mayan Treasures

This comprehensive pack offers a range of modular components designed to create intricate indoor spaces, from home interiors to Mayan ruins.

Maya culture, with its unique blend of mystery, historical significance, and rich heritage, has a certain charm that feels distant yet fascinating. With the Modular Interiors and Explorer Props pack, we step into the home of a Mayan culture explorer and discover a plethora of items scattered around the house.

This comprehensive pack offers a range of modular components designed to create intricate indoor spaces, from motel/home interiors to Mayan ruins.

Within this setting, you'll find not just modern items like torches, binoculars, a pocket watch, and a well-traveled leather suitcase, but also Mayan relics like clay stone slabs and figurines that add a historic touch to the environment.

The pack enables users to construct various spaces using modular parts. It includes an extensive array of detailed hero props suitable for first-person player experiences or enhancing story-driven environments. Authentic Mayan and Incan artifacts, based on real references from Mexico's Riviera Maya region, contribute to the pack's authenticity.

Have a look at the props for Scenes and Sets:


  • Modular Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows, and Doors (Entire scene is modular)

  • Wrenches

  • Table Lamps with and without Lamp Shade (Included SSS and Emissive Maps for Lamp Shade)

  • Floor Lamp

  • Light Switch and Wall Outlet Sets

  • Desk Clock

  • Cardboard Boxes

  • Pictures and Picture Frames for the wall

  • Ceiling Fan Blueprint for Spinning Fan

  • Wooden Wardrobe, Desk, and Tables

  • Wooden Chairs

  • Leather Chair

  • Bed Frame / Mattress / Sheets / Blanket with separate and combined versions for your needs

  • Old Tire set

Equipped with both daytime (Ray Traced and Baked) and nighttime lighting setups (available in Unreal 5.1 and up with Lumen), the pack offers versatility. 

While it does not include an exterior, the parts are designed with exterior faces and separate material IDs, enabling construction of full interiors and exteriors. An introduction video detailing the folder structure and file overview is also provided with the pack.

Check it out if you would like to know more about the pack. What's meaningful here is that a 2% donation from every pack sale will go to Project Amigo, supporting education and literacy for children in Mexico. Your purchase could potentially inspire a child to become a future explorer.

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