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Strategically Plan Your Moves While Exploring Wild West in This Game

The game is a debut from a studio founded by strategy veterans.

Step into the mystical Wild West with Coldridge, a turn-based exploration game that's the debut project from Frog Collective. This game presents a unique blend of Red Dead Redemption's rugged frontier vibe and the strategic depth of the Civilization series.


Coldridge invites players to take the role of a prospector, navigating a land shrouded in mystery and cursed with sinister magic. As you traverse the untamed wilderness, you'll uncover precious resources, solve complex puzzles, and strategically manage contracts to maximize your gains. But be very careful, as each decision carries potential risks and rewards in this high-stakes adventure.

The gameplay requires meticulous movement planning, with careful utilization of terrain and equipment to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives. As your journey progresses, you'll unlock new characters and objects, adding a rogue-lite progression element.


The game's creators, Frog Collective, may not have gained widespread recognition in the industry yet. According to Games Radar+, the studio has a strong background as the developers "spent 12 years over at Amplitude, a Paris-based studio known for strategy games including Humankind and Endless Space."  They are teaming up together "to make games together, driven by our passion and guided by collective decisions."


The game is set to be coming soon. Feel free to check out more details about gameplay on its Steam page and add it to your wishlist if you find it interesting. You can also follow the developer on Twitter to get informed of any future updates about the game. 

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