This Pixel Art Isometric Shooter Set In The Wild West Got Updated

Sunset Devils, a top-down isometric moody tale of revenge inspired by classic spaghetti western movies and rendered in stylized pixel art, has received a Steam page, Kickstarter campaign, and more.

For those who missed this incredibly stylish project where every bullet counts, Sunset Devils is a top-down action shooter featuring a unique control scheme, designed to let the player experience the thrill of an old-west gunfight with complex weapons mechanics based on their real-world counterparts.

Inspired by classic spaghetti western movies from the 60's and 70's and rendered in stylized pixel art, Sunset Devils is a moody tale of revenge. You take the role of Red, a gunslinger left to die in the desert, seeking revenge against those who crossed him. It's a classic adventure, where you will explore the world, discover dungeons, and face legends, forces, and phantoms that haunt this land as you progress through the story.

If you were looking forward to the updates on this extraordinary project – good news, the developer Andre recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and the game's Steam page along with some new clips of the gameplay.

Here are updated Sunset Devils main features according to the Steam page:

  • Tactical Cowboy Action – a unique gun manipulation mechanic
  • An arsenal of period-accurate weapons, each with its own control scheme
  • Shootouts and ambushes with all manner of enemies: bandits, beasts, and more
  • Traditional pixel art, inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era
  • A story of vengeance, inspired by Spaghetti Westerns
  • A world filled with secrets and mysteries

Keep an eye on the project here and here as the developer has also announced that a playable Sunset Devils demo will soon be released.

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