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Disney 2D Animation Style Remade with Character Creator 4, iClone 8 & Unreal Engine 5

In the series, Digital Artist José Tijerín shows how to visualize 3D cartoon characters as hand-drawn 2D animation.

In this ‘Remake Disney 2D Animation Style’ series, Digital Artist José Tijerín elaborates on the process of applying cel-shading in Character Creator 4 (CC4) to visualize 3D cartoon characters as hand-drawn 2D animation in the classic Disney style – one of the greatest advantages being the speed of production for games and films.  

In Part 1 of the tutorial, you’ll learn how to utilize flat colors and apply the cel-shading effect on each facial feature, such as eyes and eyebrows. Tijerín also shares his bold approach to 3D modeling: being freely creative on the body morphs while cautious for the neck and teeth.

Key points you won’t want to miss:

  1. Tips for applying the cel-shading effect on eyes and eyebrows in Character Creator 4.
  2. Tips for modeling morphs in ZBrush: neck, opacity.
  3. CC4 automatic rigging solutions: Adjust Bone, Auto Position.
  4. Fine-tuning the details: modeling the teeth.
  5. Adding glinting eyes in CC4 to bring your characters to life.

You can see the detailed guide here

In Part 2 of the tutorial, Tijerín expounds on the workflow of sending cartoonish characters to iClone 8 and Unreal Engine 5 for animation. From adding cloth physics, and overlapping animation to new facial expressions designed for the character, Tijerín reveals his trial-and-error process with practical solutions and touches upon the making of great animation aided by a deep understanding of anatomy.

Aside from the differences between keyframing and motion capture, “Reach Target” tricks and texture methods for facial materials in UE5 will also be discussed in this video. Unveil Disney’s trade secrets with Tijerín’s pro tips, and make your next 3D project as genuine as old-school animated feature films!

Key points you won’t want to miss:

  1. Correct eye blinks & Adding custom expressions in CC4.
  2. Adding overlapping animation: Spring Effect.
  3. Animate with Transition Curves in iClone and Unreal Live Link.
  4. Solution for “Reach Target” defects
  5. Two ways to achieve a 2D cartoon effect in Unreal Engine 5.

You can find the detailed guide here

José Tijerín is a digital illustrator, 3D sculptor, and creator of video games such as "Dear Althea" available on Steam. His content pack "We're Besties'' is currently for sale in the Reallusion content store.

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