"Florida Joker" Isn't Suing GTA 6 Developers Anymore, Now He Wants a Job from Them

He's still sure he's the reason the game "is so hype right now."

Image credit: Rockstar, Lawrence Sullivan

It seems we're at the end of a bizarre era: "Florida Joker" has finally released Rockstar of his wrath and isn't trying to sue them for millions of dollars anymore. Instead, he's heeded the advice from Roger Clark, the voice actor behind Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan, and is asking for a job at the studio. 

If you're confused now, here is a recap. Florida Joker, or Lawrence Sullivan, has accused Rockstar of using his image as a reference for one of the characters in the GTA 6 trailer and demanded "a mil or two" (which then grew to $10 million) for the "biggest free marketing in the history of GTA". 

As you might expect, his threats of a lawsuit haven't led to anything, so now Sullivan has changed tactics. He doesn't ask for millions, just $50,000 or $100,000 and a voice acting job will do.

"GTA, Rockstar, Take-Two, we gotta talk. I'm not suing you anymore, but you're still out your goddamn nuggets. It's been two whole months," he said in his latest video. "Two months. Y'all still haven't reached out to me, still haven't DMed me. Let's do what's right. Show me like $50,000, $100,000, let me voice the character, let me go to the meet and greets."

Throughout this whole ordeal, Joker still says he's "the reason why that game is so hype right now." 

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