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GPU-Accelerated Rendering on SuperRenders Farm

SuperRenders Farm has just added 1000+ of multi-graphic card render nodes to their system to help 3D Creator bring the power of cloud GPU computing to the desk.

In the dynamic realm of 3D rendering, SuperRenders Farm emerges as an innovative force, delivering state-of-the-art rendering solutions at an exceptional value. With their advanced multi-graphic cards, limitless GPU scalability, and lightning-fast render speeds, SuperRenders Farm revolutionizes the Graphics Industry. 

Gone are the days of waiting for thousands of hours to render a project or the need to render each scene individually to control the timeline! Using a render farm eliminates the need to worry about infrastructure, hardware, network, electricity, and operating environment conditions of the device, allowing you to focus solely on your creative work. Instead of relying on limited processing power of personal computers, the GPU-Accelerated Cloud Render Farm enables you to harness the power of multiple GPUs in parallel, accelerating the rendering process, saving time, and enhancing productivity to execute the rendering process for complex graphic projects.

Hardware recommendations for GPU rendering

Choosing hardware for GPU rendering depends on the specifics of the work you're planning to do. Here's a general guide:

  • GPU: Choose GPUs with high CUDA core counts and ample VRAM, such as NVIDIA's RTX 3080 or RTX 3090, for excellent rendering performance. NVIDIA's Quadro series or AMD's Radeon Pro series are preferable for professional use.
  • CPU: While the GPU is doing the rendering, the CPU is still important for general tasks and preparing the data for the GPU. A high-core-count CPU like AMD's Ryzen 9 or Intel's i9 could be beneficial
  • RAM: The amount of RAM you need depends on the complexity of the scenes you'll be rendering. For heavy 3D rendering, 32GB is often seen as a good starting point, but 64GB or more may be needed for more complex scenes.
  • STORAGE: SSDs, especially NVMe SSDs, can help in reading and writing large amounts of data quickly. A 1TB SSD would be a good start, with additional storage as needed.

Why choose SuperRenders Farm?

  • High-performance machine
    SuperRenders Farm redefines digital rendering with its advanced multi-GPU technology, delivering unprecedented performance. Utilizing an immense array of over 3000+ Xeon 32-core and 64-core RAM 64-256Gb, with NVIDIA RTX 4090, VRAM 24GB machines , it offers unparalleled computational power. SuperRenders surpasses traditional limitations by providing a virtually unlimited number of GPUs, ensuring scalable, efficient task handling. Its cloud-based nature provides users with high-end graphics processing capabilities without the need for substantial hardware investments.
  • Support major 3D softwares and plugins
    SuperRenders has announced an expanded support for major 3D software such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, and 3ds Max, allowing seamless integration of users' existing workflows. The company has already launched a new feature "Render Node Template" enabling you to customize any version of 3D software, render engines and plugins used in your projects prior to rendering. This initiative aims to minimize software incompatibility errors, reduce time spent altering assets, and improve the quality of render outputs.
  • Affordable price
    They provide affordable pricing, granting a wide user base access to top-notch rendering services. Their flexible pricing model is designed to cater to diverse needs and computational requirements, ensuring you pay only for the resources utilized. Moreover, SuperRenders Farm offers a complimentary cost calculator tool, empowering users to estimate project expenses in advance, enhancing transparency and facilitating effective budget planning.
  • Exclusive features make rendering easy and efficient

    SuperRenders Farm provides advanced rendering features designed for efficiency and user-friendliness. The Render Node Template feature offers customization options for software versions, render engines, and plugins, providing a personalized experience. Integrated within 3D software, the Submission plugin enables quick rendering with a single click. The Simulate Local Path and Package Project features aim to simplify collaboration, allowing effortless replication of file paths and grouping of project assets. With an ongoing commitment to innovation, SuperRenders Farm continually researches and updates their offerings for enhanced rendering solutions.

  • 24/7 support 

Unleash your creativity with Lightning-fast rendering 

Ready to take your 3D renders to the next level? The state-of-the-art render farm and experienced team deliver lightning-fast rendering speeds without sacrificing quality, so you can bring your creative vision to life in no time. Plus, for a limited time only, get $25 free render points and a 60% discount off CPU and GPU rendering.

You may learn more about the SuperRenders Farm on the official website, and get the latest updates on the team's Instagram and Facebook channels. 

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