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Headrig: A New Face Capture Mount From Rokoko

The gadget weighs just 240 grams and can accommodate both iPhones and Android devices.

Rokoko, a motion capture-focused development company, has presented Headrig, a novel lightweight and adjustable motion capture head mount designed primarily to accommodate phones.

Weighing in at a mere 240 grams, Headrig aims to remain discreet while providing an unobstructed line of sight for precise face tracking throughout performances. Its innovative double-tightening mechanism enables effortless adaptation to various head sizes, granting users complete freedom of movement in all directions and at any speed.

According to Rokoko, they selected soft yet sturdy materials, combined with an exceptionally ergonomic design, to ensure utmost comfort for the user during prolonged use. What's more, the gadget can accommodate both iPhones and Android devices and is compatible with Rokoko's Face Capture app, currently available for iOS only.

"We know firsthand that helmet face capture solutions can be uncomfortable and also very expensive," comments the team. "We set out to design a solution that is affordable without compromising on both quality of capture (steady and secure phone placement) and comfort for the actor (lightweight, padded, and snug fit with great breathability)."

The Headrig is available today for pre-order and will start shipping in September 2023. You can learn more and pre-order it here.

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