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Here's How Houdini Helped Create the World of Avatar 2

In a video released by Houdini's team, Nicholas Illingworth shared how Houdini was used to create stunning water and fire VFX in Avatar 2.

The team of Houdini recently published a captivating video breakdown on their YouTube channel, featuring Nicholas Illingworth, FX Supervisor at WETA FX, who talked about the usage of Houdini in the making of Avatar 2.

Illingworth mostly focused on the development of water and fire visual effects and explained the integration of Houdini into custom toolsets at WETA FX and the advantages of employing a procedural workflow.

Image credit: Houdini

Image credit: Houdini

Illingworth shared that in Avatar 2, Houdini was used for managing water effects in 2,225 shots, tackling complex scenes like the Tulkun hunt and end battle sequences.

It also played a vital role in creating fire effects, such as the impactful wall of fire and the Sea Dragon catching ablaze. Besides, Houdini was involved in handling scale in water simulations, producing VDBs for fire scenes, and introducing a new chemical combustion model for authentic fire effects.

Image credit: Houdini

Image credit: Houdini

Adding to the mentioned above, Houdini allowed artists to control important aspects like fuel type and equivalence ratio and seamlessly integrated with Loki for data processing. This integration enhanced workflow efficiency and creativity in template creation.

On Houdini's YouTube channel, there are lots of other videos with creators sharing how Houdini helped in making games or films.

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