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Learn How To Make 3D Assets For Your Own Glitch Pixel Art Game

Winston Powell, the author of Of Love and Eternity, an upcoming Unity-based third-person horror adventure game with an extremely unique pixel art style, has presented an in-depth tutorial, covering the process of making game assets from start to finish.

A little while ago we introduced Of Love and Eternity, an upcoming Unity-based stylized horror adventure game where you play as a dead damned soul of a knight, looking to reunite with his beloved one in a place between death and the afterlife.

The game features a distinctive art style, a combination of realistic pixel art with glitch horror, managing to deliver a heavily stylized yet very immersive experience. If you wish to create something similar for your personal projects, luckily Winston Powell has just posted a tutorial available on his Patreon, covering the whole process of making these unique, crispy pixel nostalgia game assets with Unity's shaders.

Take a look at some in-game examples shared by the developer below:

If you want to follow more upcoming PS1-style-leaning games, check out Felvidek, a surreal comedy RPG Maker game set in an alternative history region of medieval Slovak Highlands, following the story of an alcoholic knight Pavol trying to save his kingdom. 

Another fun-looking one is Gunmetal Gothic, a nostalgic co-op retro-style 3D shooter that would look just right on a CRT TV:

Also, if you're looking to turn your own 3D models into old-school ones, check out this quick tutorial by Decompiled Art, explaining how to create a pixelated retro effect shader in Unity:

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