Mad Max-Inspired Explosion Simulation Set Up in Houdini

PYRO was created by talented artist Alex Chiu.

There's no such thing as too many explosions, so here's one more for your eyes' content. The PYRO project was created by talented artist Alex Chiu, who was inspired by the famous Mad Max action. The creator set up sparse pyro and rigid body dynamics (RBD) simulations in Houdini and added terrain build-up. As a result, we have a beautiful, impactful scene that could one day grace a movie.

In the video above, you can see the four stages of the fire setup as well as the masks Chiu used for PYRO to create this true Mad Max experience. 

Image credit: Alex Chiu

Houdini is an extremely powerful software, especially if you wish to make eye-catching VFX. You can simulate riverswaterfallsfibersoceanssparkling waterbeaches, and more if you master it. Hopefully, these 80 Level Digests will help you with this task:

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