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Mudstack Goes Free for Artists, Simplifies Pricing, Introduces New Team Plan

Mudstack, the team behind a digital asset management tool for game artists that streamlines asset management and team collaboration, has provided an overview of the tool's essential features and announced its recent pricing updates.

We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes to mudstack, our innovative platform designed for art teams in the gaming and creative industries. Over the past two years, our dedicated team has been working hard to create a tool that seamlessly integrates cloud storage, version control, and collaboration features specifically tailored to artists.

We are delighted to share that mudstack is now free for artists, making it easier than ever for you to store, access, and back up your digital art files. Artists are invited to sign-up today.

We have also introduced a new Team plan, offering even more benefits to art teams. Let's dive into the details!

Mudstack is Now Free for Artists

Starting today, artists can enjoy the full functionality of mudstack without any cost.

When you sign up for mudstack, you will receive a free Artist plan account, allowing you to manage all your local content using our powerful desktop app. Organize and tag your art files, manage versions effortlessly, and keep your critical work safe with 50GB of free cloud storage. We understand the importance of providing artists with the tools they need without imposing additional expenses.

Introducing the New Team Plan

In our quest to enhance communication and collaboration for art teams, we are excited to introduce the new Team plan. This plan is also free and offers a fantastic opportunity to evaluate mudstack's features with your team before committing to a paid subscription.

With the Team plan, you can onboard your entire team, explore the collaboration tools, and experience the benefits of mudstack firsthand. We believe in making mudstack accessible to teams of all sizes, from small groups to large studios.

Streamlined Pricing for Art Teams

We have completely revamped our pricing model to better serve the needs of art teams. Previously, we charged a per-user license fee, which often created complexities and hindered adoption for game studios and other creative teams. We listened to feedback from art leads, producers, studio heads, and digital artists, and realized the importance of accommodating the unpredictable nature of the industry. Our new pricing plans reflect this understanding.

  • Solo Artists: As mentioned earlier, artists can now use mudstack for free and enjoy 50GB of cloud storage. The Artist plan is ideal for individual artists who want to manage their local content effectively and have the option to back up critical work in the cloud.
  • Team Plan: The Team plan is also free and caters to art teams. It offers a single subscription fee for teams of any size, making it convenient and cost-effective. Whether you have five artists or a hundred, the Team plan will work seamlessly for everyone.
  • Paid Plans: For teams that require additional features and flexibility, we offer two self-serve paid plans: the Studio plan and the Indie plan — both include a flat fee for unlimited artists and increased cloud storage. Additional license fees are only applicable to art leads and producers, roles that tend to remain relatively stable during production cycles compared to artists.
    • The Studio plan is perfect for teams working on multiple projects or collaborating with outsource vendors, providing access-controlled workspaces to protect your intellectual property, and accelerate your production pipeline.
    • The Indie plan is suitable for smaller teams that prefer open access to all content.
    • We also have an Enterprise plan available for teams with enterprise-level requirements; simply contact us for more details.

Sign-up for mudstack and join our community

Our new pricing model meets the needs of studios of all sizes, without hindering their growth. The feedback from our community and customers in recent months reaffirm the effectiveness of our approach.

If you're curious to learn more, we encourage you to sign up for a free account, join our Discord community, or reach out to schedule a demo. We are always available to answer your questions, or have a discussion about how mudstack can help your art team integrate and embrace an effortless art production pipeline.

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