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OpenAI's Sora Can Generate Games, Including Minecraft

Another impressive invention by the team.

Image credit: OpenAI

You have to give it to OpenAI – it creates fantastic tools that find success in many fields. DALL-E, ChatGPT, and now Sora all got their share of popularity. Apparently, there is even more we can learn about the company's latest invention.

If you've missed the news, Sora is a text-to-video diffusion model that can manage impressive feats with a couple of prompt lines. 

However, it can also generate games, not just abstract animations. In its recent paper, OpenAI showcased a Minecraft video made by the AI, pretty real-looking at first and even second glance. 

"Sora is also able to simulate artificial processes–one example is video games. Sora can simultaneously control the player in Minecraft with a basic policy while also rendering the world and its dynamics in high fidelity. These capabilities can be elicited zero-shot by prompting Sora with captions mentioning “Minecraft.”"

This crazy power suggests that "continued scaling of video models is a promising path towards the development of highly-capable simulators of the physical and digital world, and the objects, animals and people that live within them," according to OpenAI. 

Truly, it's incredible to witness such tech evolution, although it's scary to imagine what else we will see AI do soon. 

Despite its capabilities, Sora has limitations. It can't model some physics, like glass shattering. Eating food, for example, doesn't always change the object correctly. I'm sure, though, this will be fixed in later versions.

So amazing is Sora that I wonder if it's connected to the dangerous AI discovery OpenAI warned its leadership about. I doubt it's that Q* project, but if it's even more impressive than Sora, who knows what magic we'll see.

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