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Power Up Tools Mega Bundle: An Immense Sale at Unity Asset Store

Unity Asset Store announced a sale with up to a 96% discount on bundled tools to power your projects and help streamline game development.

The Unity Asset Store presents 3 bundles with packages for 29.99 USD, 34.99 USD, and 39.99 USD, which contain 4, 12, and 29 assets accordingly. The major sale ends in 8 days, and below you may find a quick overview of some packages included. 

The first bundle includes 4 time-saving tools for level generation and character interactions. 

  • Whiskey Structure Builder 
    A procedural mesh building extension for the Unity Editor to create industrial-looking assets, such as pipes, and cables.
  • Roguelike Generator Pro - Level & Dungeon Procedural Generator
    It's a feature-rich, highly customizable level and dungeon generator that allows you to procedurally create 3D/2D/2.5D levels using GamObjects, Tilemaps, or your custom solutions
  • Combat Framework
    Third-person character controller system and creator. Also, combat framework with NPC interaction with the use of weapons with unique animations on a per-weapon basis.
  • Component Names
    The tool integrates seamlessly with the Inspector and makes it possible to rename components at will as if it was a native feature.

The second bundle goes with a 91% discount and includes all the assets from the first bundle with 8 additional solutions and select tools to help streamline game development, such as InteliMap AI Tilemap Generator, OmniShade PBR - Physically Based Uber Shader, and Local Avoidance. 

InteliMap AI Tilemap Generator is a Unity asset that allows you to create stunning AI-generated tilemaps, with no coding required. Includes editor tools, runtime generation, and 8 example scenes.

Uber PBR shader is a tool with everything the Standard Lit shader has and more with stylized lighting, blended layers, texture painting support, and blazing performance.

Local Avoidance contains a fast lightweight solution for local avoidance. It is developed with DOTS in mind, and as result, it takes advantage of Unity's latest technology stack like SIMD mathematicsJobs, and Burst compiler.

And the most complete bundle includes everything listed above, plus another 17 top-notch tools and power packs. The bundle has a 96% discount and can be purchased for 39.99 USD. 

Among numerous packs, it includes HDRP Time Of Day - Lighting, Weather & Clouds, full-featured lighting, sky, and weather system with a day-night cycle and volumetric clouds.

See-through Shader, the tool that lets you see your playable characters clearly through any mesh without any modification to it.

Voxel Generator, a tool that allows simulating destructible objects or environments and visualizing the volumetric data.

You may check out all the tools and assets on sale here. And don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artwork, and more. 

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