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Starfield Players Are Worried about Bethesda Charging for Missions

$7 is too much for a single quest, they say.


When Bethesda announced its Creation Kit for Starfield, I knew Nexus Mods wouldn't be out of content. If you, like me, wondered why the company tries so hard to avoid calling Creations mods, this is probably because mods are usually free. 

Well, it's fine if you pay players for their custom content, but when the company asks $7 for a single mission, players find an issue with that. The game's latest update introduced new Trackers Alliance missions; the problem is one of them, The Vulture, is only available as a Starfield Creation for $7, or rather $10 as you'll need to buy 1,000 Starfield Creation Credits.

As PC Gamer noted, Starfield's Premium Edition is $35 and includes 1,000 Creation Credits along with many other perks like the full Shattered Space expansion, the Constellation skin pack, digital art book, and soundtrack, which makes the $7 mission a little too expensive in comparison. But that's probably the point – to make players purchase the version that will bring Bethesda more money.

More importantly, some players say that this "sets a dangerous precedent" as it might encourage companies to sell only parts of content, cheaper for one piece but overall much more expensive than the whole package. We don't want another Paradox, right?

Others argue that buying Creations is optional and you can live without them easily. Plus, it's good to support content creators. It's true, but I hope we don't see another way of siphoning money out of players popularized.

Meanwhile, Starfield's reviews are suffering again, it just can't get out of the Mixed category. "Are you this desperate for modders to fix your game on a budget, instead of doing it yourself with developers on an actual payroll?" asked one player. It looks like websites offering free mods will never be out of fashion.

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Comments 2

  • Anonymous user

    The easiest way to show Bethesda that this sort of rubbish is unacceptable is to vote with your wallet. Which I will be doing by refusing to pay real world dollars for minimal content.
    Honestly, Starfield is merely fine. But it's no Morrowind, or even a Skyrim. They really shot themselves in the foot with how procedurally generated worlds removed 90% of the wonder of exploring.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·
  • M Bogdan

    I think the content Bethesda themselves add to Creations is great. The $7 quest is just one of the many things they added, a good part of which are free. Bethesda's had a history of shady money-grabbing practices but this isn't one. Having just played around with Creations last night, it's incredibly fun and full of great mods from Creators & Bethesda alike that are entirely free. Haven't tried the quest yet because I preferred to spend my 1000 credits on a vintage ship interior which just looks incredible.

    That's not to say this couldn't be toxic. Like they could still continue to add paid quests and content to Creations to the detriment of their actual game updates. But right now it seems like they have a lot of content on the horizon for everyone. This may've been just something to help with the launch of Creations so it has more content at the start.


    M Bogdan

    ·a month ago·

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