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Throwback: PlayStation 9 from Old Commercial Might Not Be That Fantastical

Can we achieve all these crazy feats before 2078?

It's always fascinating to see what we thought the future would be like. While we're waiting for PlayStation 6, let's remember Sony's 1999 commercial depicting the mind-blowing abilities of PlayStation 9. Are they as unachievable as we thought back then? 

The ad, which is actually a promo for PS2, shows that in 2078, PS9 will be a transparent sphere containing electronic spores that move straight into your brain and transport you into game worlds. You'll get a mind control system, holographic movie vision, telepathic personal music, and some other fantastical features. At the end of the video, you'll see PS2, which signifies the beginning of this great future.

Image credit: Sony

Now that VR and AR headsets are becoming a norm, this commercial doesn't seem that crazy. After all, Elon Musk, who also wants to cure blindness, has already implanted Neuralink into a human brain, so perhaps 2078 will be the year when we can control reality, at least a little.

Image credit: Sony

Considering Sony released 4 consoles in the 25 years since the ad's premiere, we might actually get PS9 in 2078. 

Meanwhile, PlayStation 6 will likely not arrive until at least 2027.

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