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Untangle Memories Of A Everyday Woman In This Hand-Drawn Unity Game

Enter the world of Leila and traverse through all phases of her life as captivating hand-drawn animations uncover her past and thought-provoking puzzles lay bare the reasons behind her choices.

If you've enjoyed games like Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery or Gorogoa, check out Leila, a magical realism point-and-click meta story-driven game with puzzles made by Turkish game developer Ubik Studios.

Immerse yourself into the life of an everyday woman Leila, who, dissatisfied with her life, often finds herself "digging holes" and falling into them and decides to intentionally explore and reflect on her past and present through a series of dreamy memories by breaking the fourth wall.

"Normally I'd dig a hole in me and then fall into it, But this time I decided that instead of falling in, I would willingly go in. Here I am, drifting on the shores of my life."

Image Credits: Ubik Studios

Image Credits: Ubik Studios

Image Credits: Ubik Studios

Play as Leila Ada and traverse through all phases of her life, uncovering her pivotal life moments. Every frame is meticulously handcrafted with detailed traditional animation and thought-provoking puzzles that challenge and engage, deepening the immersion in Leila's tale.

According to the developers, by unraveling puzzles imbued with the fragments of her narrative, not only you'll comprehend the motives behind Leila's life decisions, but discover facets of your own self mirrored in the life journey of this seemingly ordinary woman.

Image Credits: Ubik Studios

Image Credits: Ubik Studios

Image Credits: Ubik Studios

Leila features point-and-click gameplay, full English voiceover, story-related minigames, an original soundtrack, and four chapters. The game is set to launch in the third quarter of 2024 and has a downloadable demo available on Steam.

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