Developer Makes a Deltarune Fan Game in Godot Engine

The fan game's UI looks even better than that of the original project.

If you, like many other Undertale/Deltarune fans, are driven up the wall by the lack of content and, to put it mildly, somewhat disappointed with TobyFox's release schedule, then here's a spectacular fan project in the works that you can enjoy while waiting for Deltarune: Chapter 3.

Indie Game Developer known only as HipxelDev has been recently making waves on Twitter with their outstanding fan-made Deltarune game, dubbed DeltaFALL. In development since at least late January, DeltaFALL looks and feels extremely similar to the original game, featuring the same trio of main heroes and an almost identical combat system comprising bullet hell elements and QTE.

However, one notable difference from Deltarune is the user interface of DeltaFALL, which some may argue looks even better than that of the original game. The developer, expressing a strong passion for UI design, has clearly dedicated significant attention to this aspect, and it hasn't gone unnoticed by the commenters, many of whom highlighted the fresh interface presented in the demos as their favorite aspect of the project.

As for the software, HipxelDev chose to use Godot, a cross-platform, free, and open-source game engine, to power their upcoming title, a pick that differs from TobyFox's use of GameMaker Studio for both Deltarune and Undertale.

We highly encourage you to follow HipxelDev on Twitter to check out more demos and learn more about the upcoming fan game.

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