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Fortiche Animator Shows How References For Arcane Were Made

Moïse Hergaux-Essame showed how he played Sevika and Finn to animate one of the show's scenes.

If you are an 80 Level regular, chances are you're already aware of our fascination with 3D Animators who use self-recorded animation references to infuse life into their digital characters and make their movements appear natural and lifelike. Moïse Hergaux-Essame, an Animator at Fortiche Production, has recently joined this esteemed group by showcasing his own self-made reference he recorded to animate one of the scenes from the studio's legendary TV series, Arcane.

In a demo shared by Moïse on LinkedIn, the artist showed how he played the show's Sevika and Finn to set up one of the sequences you can see in the eighth episode. This peek behind the scenes allows viewers to appreciate the subtle nuances in each shot, as Moïse simulates adjusting his "robotic" arm to animate Sevika and delicately manipulates his fingers to give Finn's lighter play a realistic touch. You can watch the complete demo attached above or by visiting the creator's LinkedIn page.

Additionally, Moïse revealed that he wrapped up work on the second season of Arcane a month ago, suggesting that the eagerly awaited sequel may already be in post-production and is set for its scheduled release in November 2024, without any delays.

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