Indie Developer Shows How to Handle Sound Design on a Budget

Sometimes, it's necessary to bump a wooden closet a couple dozen times to get an appealing result.

Game Developer and Digital Artist Ivan Notaroš, also known as Nothke, has recently shared a series of demos showing a hilarious-looking approach to sound design for an indie game when your entire budget is limited to a wooden closet from the '60s and your own body.

For the past month, Ivan has been working on a Godot-powered survival game set on a space station and showcasing the development process behind it via Twitter and Twitch. Prior to the latest update, the game lacked any sounds, and so, in order to amend that, the developer conducted an amusing yet effective sound recording session that consisted of him bumping into an old cupboard over and over again to get sounds for hard and soft impacts. These recordings were then integrated into the game, with the developer using them to enhance the experience of "player-slamming-into-walls".

And here are some of the earlier demos for the space station game shared by Ivan:

You can learn more about Ivan here and follow the development process over here.

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