Marmoset Launched Toolbag 4.05 in Public Beta

The update is focused on enhancing the texture painting experience.

Marmoset has released Toolbag 4.05 in a public beta. The new version aims to enhance the texture painting experience by adding quality-of-life improvements and increasing performance.

The new features include support for mirror and radial symmetry on brush strokes and the ability to arrange stencils in the viewport to mask painting tools. You can also use the Lazy Mouse system to easily paint smooth curves with the brush tool.

What's more, the Blur layer now has a seamless mode that allows blurring over UV seams. Marmoset claims there is an "up to 10x" performance improvement in complex texture projects with many layers.

As for rendering, the developers added a Glint reflection shader useful for mimicking car paint, snow, and other effects. They also improved the Refraction shader, added new lighting render passes and a new ray-traced ambient occlusion effect. There is support for NVIDIA DLSS viewport upscaling, which can be configured per viewport and will increase the framerate in complex scenes.

Other important features are the return of light baking, which comes with Complete, Diffuse, Specular, and Indirect Lighting output types, and support for the import and export of USD files. 

To participate in the beta testing, you need to have a copy of Toolbag, which costs $319 for individuals and $879 for studios. You can also pay for a subscription: $15.99/month for individuals and $43.99/month for studios.

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  • Tegner Mats

    Toolbag 4.05 (4052) stable was released on the 23rd of January:


    Tegner Mats

    ·a year ago·

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