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Motion Capturing TMNT Tricking with Xsens Tracking

The animation is unedited but already looks awesome.

Take a look at this impressive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tricking animation motion captured using Xsens's tracking capabilities. The 3D model of the Turtle and the rig were made by creative director Johnny Liken.

Ace Ruele, the director of the practical effects company Creature Bionics, who shared the video, says that the animation is unedited, HD processed with Xsens only, with no additional cleanup, which makes you appreciate the tech behind it even more. The kicks and quick aerial moves look smooth and accurate in the final result.

"We were capturing for the game "The Lords Of The Fallen" and then I asked [the stunt performer JJ Battell] to throw in a random combo after the shoot," said Ruele.

Imagine if we could see this combo in Lords of the Fallen! The game by Hexworks doesn't lack action, but it's more on the Dark Souls side.

Xsens's suits are popular in the industry, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised the tech is able to deliver such cool results. You can see it in action in some of our other articles: 

Image credit: Beatrice Schmidt

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