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New ZBrush 2024 Update Makes the Software Available Only Via Subscription

The update also enhances the Anchors Brush, adds Cinema 4D noises, and introduces the Repeat to Similar feature.

Maxon has officially shipped ZBrush 2024, a new and improved version of its renowned sculpting, modeling, and painting 3D software. Available as a subscriber-only release, ZBrush 2024 introduces several new features and enhances the software's existing tools, improving the application's overall capabilities.

One of the highlights of the update is the brand-new Repeat to Similar feature that repeats changes on a mesh with the same polygon count as the source mesh being edited. According to Maxon, the functionality includes the ability to make sculpting changes, full mesh replacement, masking, and polygrouping.

The software's Anchors Brush, used to pose and manipulate ZBrush assets, has also been updated, making it no longer a requirement to mask the surface to use the brush. The capabilities of the Knife Brush have also been expanded with the addition of a new Split to Parts feature, which makes it possible to create complex component parts from existing parts while keeping sliced parts active.

Furthermore, the ZBrush 2024 release introduces Cinema 4D noises to the ZBrush Surface Noise library. It also brings Grow All Mask and Shrink All Mask capabilities, offering more design flexibility during mask creation. Furthermore, a new tool named DragStamp has been added, offering control over the intensity associated with an alpha dragged onto the surface by moving the cursor back and forth.

The update also features:

  • Transpose Classic brush added to the Brush palette. 
  • Grow All added to Masking palette. 
  • Shrink All added to Masking palette. 
  • Crease Unmasked added to Geometry> Crease. 
  • UnCrease UnMasked added to Geometry> Crease.
  • Contact Point tracks have been removed from Timeline feature. Contact Point functionality has changed and no longer works with the Timeline.
  • IMM brushes will now work with all available stroke types instead of only the DragRect stroke type.
  • And more.

It's important to highlight that ZBrush 2024 marks the first major software update available solely through a subscription model. As per Maxon's pricing policy, upgrading to ZBrush 2024 is achievable by purchasing a ZBrush subscription or opting for a Maxon One subscription for about the same price as a perpetual upgrade. Maxon emphasizes that upgrading to ZBrush 2024 is optional, as your existing perpetual license grants perpetual use of the initially purchased ZBrush version.

You can learn more about ZBrush 2024's new features by clicking this link. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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Comments 6

  • Anonymous user

    Back in the day, I had to buy zbrush only once. Unless they release some crazy new features that redefine what working in zbrush means, I don't see myself moving from my perpetual license anytime soon.


    Anonymous user

    ·6 months ago·
  • koray koray

    pratham comment '">


    koray koray

    ·6 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Sailing the high sea now.


    Anonymous user

    ·6 months ago·
  • Lockett Brian

    I would've gladly paid for new major releases of ZBrush while under Pixologic than ever see it acquired by someone like Maxon.

    If Pixologic needed money, they should've just said, "Guys, the free updates have been fun, but now, we need to profit better,  Buy our new releases to support us?"

    And most of us longtime loyal customers would've said, "Well, sure.  A decade-plus of free upgrades has been plenty enough.  You've been good for us.  Take my money, as long as you still stay Pixologic."

    Same story with Allegorithmic.  When will people ever learn?


    Lockett Brian

    ·6 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    I have been using Zbrush since 3.1 was released. One of the things I had always admired about Pixologic was that they kept their software available to everyone who wanted to try it, and experience what it was like to become an actual digital artist. Now I can pay for a subscription and can’t even get the subtool master plug-in without paying $40 a month. Maxon is not really doing much but being lame honestly and trying to grab money.


    Anonymous user

    ·6 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    "Okay guys so blender can do everything our thing can do and it's free, and now their user interface doesn't suck. How are we going to respond and get people to use z brush?"

    "Let's make it a subscription model like Adobe"

    " That makes so much sense David. You're a genius."


    Anonymous user

    ·6 months ago·

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