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Procedural Morphing Cocktails Animation Created With C4D & Redshift

This impressive project was made by Victor V.

Freelance Animator and Motion Designer Victor V. has unveiled Pick Your Weapon, a gorgeous procedural animation of tasty-looking cocktails that morph into one another, created with Maxon's Cinema 4D and Redshift.

According to the creator, the project started out as an experiment with digital glass and refractions, but was eventually turned into a beautiful animation stylized as a UI weapon selection from a video game.

"Just like audio mixing, all the flavors connected to the patcher waiting for their turn to show up. I was avoiding it, but RS Standard Mat are nice to work with," commented the artist. "My first instinct was to animate a spline with PoseMorph, but using a Loft gives me much more control since I'm able to animate different parts at different speeds/times. Keeping it procedural allows for being more expressive and easily art-direct."

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