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Spectacular Space Nebula Shader Set Up With Blender

The creator aims to share the shader once it is complete.

3D Environment Artist Mattia Tomasi, also known as DrillToTheCore, has wowed hundreds of people online by presenting an absolutely spectacular space nebula volume shader set up using Blender and rendered in Eevee.

Currently WIP, the setup features no lights, with all the stars and light effects coming from the shader emission channel, thus rendering incredibly fast. As explained by the author, a Voronoi texture controls the density of the nebula, with its normals being displaced by a Noise texture, while another Voronoi is used to generate the stars. The colors are controlled by a mix shader with the density as the mix value and two colors to choose from.

The stars are a bit tricky, with an inverted Voronoi texture you can easily make dots in space," commented Mattia on how the stars were made. "If you clamp it down and multiply like crazy, you will get stars! I also used this Voronoi texture to "Illuminate" the nebula, just by mixing this with the density output and plugging it directly into the Emission Channel of the Principled Volume Shader. Basically, where there are both high values of density and of star Voronoi, you will have a high value of emission.
The coolest thing is that by doing so, it renders super-fast because the engine doesn't need to calculate any real light at all."

Once the shader is complete, the creator plans to make the setup available to download. As such, we highly encourage you to follow Mattia on ArtStation, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit so as not to miss the upcoming release.

A couple of weeks ago, Principal VFX Artist Jason Key also showcased a splendid digital Nebula, created entirely using EmberGen, JangaFX's flagship volumetric fluid simulation tool for simulating, rendering, and exporting flipbooks, image sequences, and VDB volumes.

And back in 2022, Procedural Artist Mrmo Tariu unveiled a Blender-made nebula inspired by NASA's then-new images of the unseen universe made with the James Webb Space Telescope.

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