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Stylized UE5-Powered Shader For Non-Photorealistic Trees

Currently WIP, the shader was made by Silvia Raponi.

Silvia Raponi, a 3D Environment Artist specializing in hand-painted stylized textures, has recently shifted her focus from digital scenes to 3D shaders, showcasing one outstanding example on Twitter. This time, the creator demonstrated a neat post-process shader for stylized 3D trees that enables its user to easily give plain models a hand-painted appearance. According to the artist, the shader was set up in Unreal Engine 5 and is currently WIP.

Shader on/off:

And here are some of Silvia's earlier projects:

If you would like to learn more about the artist's stylized workflows, we highly recommend checking out our interview with Silvia, in which the creator shared a detailed breakdown of the Stylized Housekeeping Truck project, discussed the modeling and texturing workflows, and explained how the desired soft look was achieved during the lighting stage.

And here are some great tutorials on creating shaders in Unreal Engine 5:

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