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Survey: Generative AI Will Create 50% of Game Content in 5 to 10 Years

However, executives don't think it will lead to reduced development costs.

Image credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock

AI is rapidly seeping into every aspect of our lives, and the game industry is one of the most fertile soils for it. How much actual human work will we see in several years? 

The consulting firm Bain & Company surveyed 25 gaming executives, and they believe that while generative AI now holds less than 5% of game development power, in 5 to 10 years, it will create 50% of game content.

Despite that, only 20% of respondents think this will reduce costs, and 60% don't expect it to alleviate the talent shortage in the industry.

“Although most executives we spoke with believe generative AI may free developers from mundane work, they do not believe it will replace the creative spark necessary for game development, emphasizing the importance of human oversight,” said Andre James, global head of Bain’s Media & Entertainment practice (via GamesBeat). “Despite implementation challenges, most respondents expect generative AI will affect gaming in ways that are far greater than impacts felt by other technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and cloud gaming.”

Most executives think generative AI will show more potential in production and later phases of game development. They expect companies to come up with strategies on how to wield AI effectively.

Developers are afraid of AI taking their jobs, but most participants think "the talent model will benefit by freeing up creatives from labor-intensive tasks, such as coding content for games." At the same time, the industry won't be able to function without human creativity.

As a piece of advice for gaming companies, the executives provided the following points:

  • Take a disciplined and proactive approach to generative AI
  • Base decisions on what will benefit the player
  • Strategically assess building vs. buying vs. partnering opportunities
  • Recognize this is more than a technological transformation

So they think studios should use the opportunities AI gives them but do it responsibly.

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  • Anonymous user

    All these based on nothing AI predictions are boring already. I hear that 5 years mantra for at least year or two already. And its still 5 years :D In the last 6-7 years 100 billions was spent on self driving cars and these are going nowhere. People are hyping this whole pseudo AI thing but it is blind technoptimism. Its not as good as some people would like to and there are many examples of the "but in 5 years..." predictions being consistently wrong.


    Anonymous user

    ·8 months ago·

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