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Developer Presents a Cool Mesh Generator For Creating Stairs & Layouts

The procedural generator is powered by Unity and is currently WIP.

Well Gomes, a Software Developer and an experienced Unity user, has recently previewed a neat procedural mesh generator slated to make the lives of Environment Artists and Game Developers much easier.

Having been in development since February, the tool runs in Unity at runtime and uses mathematical calculations for the vertices and positions of the UVs to generate the meshes. With it, the user can easily set up stairs and building layouts, with the tool calculating positions, number of triangles, distance, and area in square meters all on its own. Once the author is satisfied with it, the system is set to be released to the public and become available both in Unity and as a standalone tool.

Before it is launched, however, the system will be combined with Well's modular kitchen and bedroom furniture generator, showcased previously, becoming a comprehensive all-around tool for architectural/level design and game development. Here's an earlier demo showcasing another facet of Well's procedural system:

"The first step is to have some understanding of mathematics, and based on this, it is possible to arrive at a result of sums and multiplications of values ​​to calculate positions, number of triangles, distance, and square meter," commented the author on how the system works. "In this tool, I calculate all these factors and apply them to real values ​​(width, height, depth) of each object. Once this value is calculated, it is possible to obtain the result of the texture and the generation of meshes procedurally. But in short, it's just math."

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