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This Blender Plug-In Lets You Paint 3D Models With Light

Create visceral masterpieces with Sturdy, a procedural painting shader by Paulo Brabo.

If you have gotten tired of digital 3D photorealism and would like to explore something a bit more unusual and abstract, here's a cool add-on that can assist you in propelling your stylized masterpieces to the next level. Check out Sturdy, a stylized procedural real-time painting shader for Blender, developed by 2D/3D VisDev Artist and Illustrator Paulo Brabo.

Compatible with Blender Eevee 3.4 and higher, the shader automatically reacts with expressive colorful strokes to plain white lights, essentially allowing you to paint your meshes with light and create visceral dynamic paintings. What's more, Sturdy is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the complexity, scale, rotation, and crunchiness of your brushwork and nudge color expression by painting with light, using an accent color, or customizing each color of the main palette.

"Sturdy is based on two main node groups for the Shader Editor: Sturdy and Sturdy+. With the standard Sturdy node group, you may control color expression by painting with light, using an Accent Color, or balancing it with an Overlay Color. If you want to micromanage the shades of the underlying magic palette, you may use the Sturdy+ node group, all eleven color stops of it," points out the developer.


  • sturdy-shader.blend: The smallest file containing the Sturdy and Sturdy+ sample materials (along with its related node groups), a customized World Shader with a flat background, a Sun Light, and some Point Lights.
  • sturdy-shader-character.blend: A small setup and animation in order to illustrate how changing settings and moving lights will affect the final look of the shader.
  • sturdy-theodoric.blend: A sample animated cinematic setup to show you how Sturdy will look with a single mesh and a single Sun Light. 

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