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Unity Launches Megacity Metro, A New Multiplayer Game Sample

Learn how to build multiplayer experiences with ECS and Unity Gaming Services by downloading the company's new game sample.

Unity Technologies has officially launched Megacity Metro, a revamped version of the Megacity game sample, designed to help Game Developers learn more about creating immersive, large-scale, multiplayer experiences with Unity's tools and services. 

First introduced at Unite 2023, Megacity Metro is powered by Data Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS) and the Unity Gaming Services (UGS) infrastructure, supporting over 100 cross-platform, players simultaneously. The primary goal of the project is to teach creators how to structure, network, and operate a competitive action multiplayer game using solutions from the Unity ecosystem.

According to the development team, the sample will help developers build cross-platform multiplayer games using Unity Cloud Services, DOTS, and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), enhanced by features like prediction, interpolation, and lag compensation for smooth gameplay, even in high-latency situations.


  • Unity's latest multiplayer tech: Navigate a lively art-deco inspired landscape  alongside 100+ players demonstrating Multiplay Hosting, Authentication, Matchmaker, and Vivox Voice Chat.
  • Synchronized netcode: The Netcode for Entities package delivers smooth and responsive gameplay that is built to scale.
  • Balanced gameplay: Built with server-authoritative mechanics for fair, consistent play.
  • Effortless matchmaking: Connecting with players is straightforward with our intuitive setup.
  • Cross-platform readiness: Play on Mobile, PC, and Mac with graphics powered by the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).
  • Publicly available on GitHub

"Megacity Metro answers the community's call for a scalable, high-concurrency, cross-platform demo of our latest technology," the team comments. "Powered by Unity's Data Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS) and built with Unity Gaming Services (UGS) infrastructure, Megacity Metro showcases performant gameplay wrapped in a fresh art-deco aesthetic. You'll see a new example of how to integrate the Unity engine with our cloud services in a demo that’s playable on most platforms."

Get the Megacity Metro sample here and don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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