Procedurally-Made Stylized Village in Houdini & Unreal Engine 5

3D Artist Sopdet demonstrated an impressive village environment that at first glance can be mistaken for a real-life painting.

Check out Stylized Village, an impressive painterly-style 3D environment created by a 3D Artist known only as Sopdet. Inspired by one of Park Jae Cheol's illustrations, the scene was set up in Unreal Engine 5 using a procedural approach, with the house and the stone walls being fully procedural. As stated by Sopdet, all the models and textures in this scene, except for birds, are hand-made and were created using Houdini and Substance 3D Designer/Painter.

Moreover, the artist has also shared several breakdown images and WIP shots, providing a closer look at the production process behind the environment:

"I start by creating models and normal maps in Houdini," commented the creator on setting up the stone walls. "Then, I apply filters created in Substance 3D Designer to achieve the desired stylized effect. Finally, I generate the final result in Substance 3D Painter."

And here's the illustration the environment was inspired by:

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