Using Unity LookDev Studio for Character Art Development

Senior Character Artist Anton Kozlov has shared an overview of Unity LookDev Studio, talked about the tool's capabilities, and explained why it is great for character art. In this article, he will explain his workflow using the newest release of the LookDev Studio prototype.


Anton Kozlov

Published on

Dec 02, 2021

BitCraft: Developing a Player-Driven MMORPG

The Co-Founder of Clockwork Labs Alessandro Asoni has told us about the studio's upcoming player-driven, procedurally generated MMORPG BitCraft and revealed the development process behind it.


Alessandro Asoni

Published on

Nov 27, 2021

ZibraAI: Generating Realistic Fluids with Machine Learning

The CEO at ZibraAI Alex Petrenko has talked about their new plugin that uses the synergy of physical solvers and ML-based neural object representation to simulate liquids, discussed the company's future plans, a gave us the behind-the-scenes look at how Zibra Liquids works.


Alex Petrenko

Published on

Nov 08, 2021

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