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Creating an Action Comedy Game with AccuRIG Realtime Tools

The Get Slapped team explained how Reallusion's tools help bring their upcoming slap-stick action comedy arena to life.

The Get Slapped Team

May 03, 2024

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Exclusive: Developers of 1930s-Style FPS Mouse on Art Style, Unity & Violence in Games

80 Level sat down with Fumi Games' Mateusz Michalak and Maciej Krzemień, who discussed Mouse's recent gameplay trailer, explained why they chose the Unity engine, elaborated on the game's rubber hose art style, and shared their opinion on violence in video games.

Fumi Games

Apr 24, 2024

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Histera on Developing a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game in Unity

StickyLock Games' Jamel Ziaty has offered an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the studio's upcoming FPS Histera, explaining how Unity's DOTS and Unity Gaming Services help the team set up the game's multiplayer component.

Jamel Ziaty

Mar 28, 2024

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Light Brick Talks LEGO Builder's Journey's Development & Unity's visionOS Support

Light Brick Studio's Technical Lead Mikkel Fredborg discussed the story and development of LEGO Builder's Journey, spoke about what makes Apple Vision Pro different from other headsets, and provided a detailed overview of Unity's support for visionOS.

Mikkel Fredborg

Mar 22, 2024

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Postmortem: Developing a Game With a Distinct Indonesian Identity

Dimas Novan D told us about the history and development process behind A Space for the Unbound, talked about promoting the game and working with the community, and shared some advice on how to get noticed.

Dimas Novan D

Mar 20, 2024

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Postmortem: Creating a Sequel to a Cozy Retro-Style Game Coffee Talk

The Toge Productions team explained how Coffee Talk's warm and calm atmosphere was achieved, discussed the history behind the first game in the series, and shared some advice on how to get noticed as an indie developer.

Toge Productions

Mar 19, 2024

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Workflow For Creating a Low Poly Western World Game in Unity

Ivo J. has shared a comprehensive workflow of Rzberry, a cartoonish action-adventure Low Poly Western World game, focusing on level design, composition, asset workflow, and lighting. 

Ivo J

Mar 15, 2024

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Virtuos: The Code Behind Remakes, Remasters & Adaptations

The Virtuos team told us about developing video game remakes, remasters, and adaptations and explained how the production process differs from creating brand-new, original titles from scratch.

The Virtuos Team

Mar 13, 2024

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Postmortem: Developing Viewfinder, a Surreal Perception-Bending Puzzle Game

Sad Owl Studios' Game Director Matt Stark shared some insights into the production process behind Viewfinder, discussed optimizing the game for different platforms, and recounted the game's successful launch.

Matt Stark

Mar 11, 2024

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