The Giant Laser: Game VFX Production Case Study in Substance 3D Designer

Min Li shared a comprehensive breakdown of a Cyberpunk-style giant laser VFX, focusing on the workflow behind the energy source, energy absorption, and burst effects in Substance 3D Designer. 

Min Li

Feb 27, 2024

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Learn to Make Procedural Buildings in Houdini Using Wave Function Collapse Algorithm

Jin Jin explained in detail how to model buildings procedurally in Houdini using the wave function collapse algorithm, showed how to add more control over block placement, and talked about exporting the HDA to Unreal Engine.

Jin Jin

Feb 22, 2024

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Cloud Gaming: The Next-Gen Way To Play

Xsolla Program Director Neela Daas talks about why this is the right time for game developers to embrace Xsolla’s latest solution, plus a new way to monetize games in the cloud.

Neela Daas

Feb 14, 2024

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Leveraging Voice Analysis for Immersive Interactions with Speech Graphics' Metadata

The Speech Graphics team provided an overview of how its audio-driven facial animation software, SGX, generates metadata sequences that breathe life into characters and NPCs.

Speech Graphics

Feb 13, 2024

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Immerse Yourself in an Interactive Adventure: Explore the Tales from the Story3 Hackathon

Story3 provides a new way to consume and share stories, giving readers more monetary and creative freedom.

The Story3 Team

Feb 12, 2024

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DMS Academy's Simulations to Make a Global Impact at NASPAA 2024

The upcoming event is set to feature the company's Host Nations Simulation, which will challenge graduate students from over 20 universities globally to design effective and equitable policies.

80 Level Editorial Team

Feb 08, 2024

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Level Up Your Facial Animation: Comparing Game-Changing Techniques

CEO and Co-Founder of Speech Graphics, Gregor Hofer, spoke about modern-day facial animation and discussed the options available for animators.

Gregor Hofer

Feb 07, 2024

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Level Up Your Creations With 3D Assets From RenderHub

Let's deep dive into RenderHub and its innovative solutions for the creative community. 

80 Level Editorial Team

Feb 05, 2024

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See How to Create a Cyberpunk-Style Character in ZBrush

Thiago Brandao talked about the Agent 147: Lost Horizon - Real Time project and explained in detail the modeling, texturing, and rendering pipelines.

Thiago Brandao

Feb 01, 2024

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