Bloober Team Once Had a Chance to Make a Saw Game

However, they decided to develop Blair Witch instead.

In a recent interview with IGN during the Digital Dragons conference, a Polish studio Bloober Team revealed that it was offered an opportunity to take on several horror IPs which also included the Saw franchise, although the team rejected those offers in favor of Blair Witch.

Bloober CEO Piotr Babieno shared that at one point entertainment company Lionsgate approached the studio and asked it to create a video game based on any of its horror IPs.

"Lionsgate came to us and said, 'Guys, we love Layers of Fear. We saw what you are doing with Observer, so we would like to work with you. We know that you would like to do your own games, so please, this is our list of our horror IPs; choose one.'," Babieno said.

He went on to say that the studio had a chance to choose Saw which was more popular than Blair Witch, however, they preferred the latter because, in the developer's opinion, this IP's universe could give the team more opportunities to create something new.

Previously, speaking of the company's experience working with a license holder, the head of the company already mentioned that Bloober Team always seeks ways to have creative freedom and tries to persuade licensors to give the studio the ability to tell its own story. This time, Babieno reiterated this point sharing that apart from Lionsgate, other companies also approached the studio negotiating the possibility of creating a horror game based on an existing IP.

"We talked with [multiple studios], and some of them came to us and [said] 'Okay, guys, you are focusing on horror and we would like to work with you.' [But] the licensors were very straight: 'We would like to do this story. We would like to have the game in 2021 [to coincide with our movie launch],' and so on," Babieno said. "We decided, 'Okay, [this is] not what we would like to do.'"

Bloober Team has recently been in the public eye as rumor has it the Silent Hill sequel is in the works at the studio. Piotr Babieno neither confirmed nor denied this information, just saying that he "can't comment" on it yet.

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