Company 8i Announces New Tech For Real-Time Holograms

The team says their approach allows rendering volumetric within milliseconds.

Company 8i presented its technology that allows users to quickly render volumetric video for real-time hologram images. The California-based company is specialized in tools that capture, transform, and stream holograms using volumetric or 3D video.

8i’s latest technology is said to let broadcast real people, not avatars, live into immersive digital environments within seconds, which might become a fundamental shift for the whole mixed reality industry. 

Usually, rendering volumetric video takes a lot of time but the company says they developed a new approach using machine learning and computer vision to complete the process within milliseconds. This new technology could be used for presentations, sports, entertainment events, education, or even games. 

"Holograms are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Real-time holograms empower an entirely new range of experiences for consumers that will foster deeper communication and connection, put you in the front row of a concert or sporting event, eliminate barriers of entry and democratize open access to education, training, information, and resources — and ultimately level the playing field between the haves and have-nots," said Hayes Mackaman, CEO of 8i, in a statement.

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