Global Gaming Market Is Set to Reach $222bn in 2022

According to a new report, the gaming market will reach $222 billion this year, with the mobile making up more than half of its revenues.

Genshin Impact in cooperation with the International Data Corporation released a report on the global gaming market in 2022. The analysts forecast that the industry is set to reach a record-high $222 billion this year.

The firms claim that the mobile will make up about 60% of the total consumer spending reaching approximately $136 billion. The report reads that currently, mobile games are "the primary driver of growth for digital games consumption" and in 2022, they will bolster their global lead "to 3.3x home game consoles".

The console market, however, will see a slight decrease, to $42 billion. Meanwhile, PC/Mac gaming will remain relatively stable and will amount to about $40 billion. Handheld console games will make up the smallest part of the market ($4 billion).

"The console and mobile experience is also merging; mobile devices are now capable of offering console-like graphics and gameplay experiences along with cross-platform competitive and social gaming features," noted. "But mobile also offers an important channel for a large range of gaming subgenres across the full gaming spectrum. On mobile, gaming is truly for everyone."

Speaking of various games across PC, mobile, and console, the firm said that cross-play features are becoming more and more prominent. It also noted that PvP is the most popular genre across the gaming spectrum, with the battle royal and shooter games also being among the most popular ones across PC and mobile. The firm also pointed out that genre preferences on mobile are more varied saying that 8 different genres were represented among 10 top-grossing games in Q1 20222.

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