NVIDIA Broadcast App Updated to Version 1.3

NVIDIA released a new update to the NVIDIA Broadcast App. The latest upgrade, Broadcast App 1.3, is available to download today.

NVIDIA’s tool to enhance both live streaming and video conferencing just got even better. The Broadcast app has transformed the homes, apartments, and dorm rooms of millions of content creators, remote students, and workers into home studios through the power of AI—all without the need to purchase specialized equipment.

New Features: 

  • Enhanced AI noise removal, now with support for emotive speech: when someone speaks with a lot of emotion — typically speaking loudly or at a higher pitch, the speech at the pick moments could be interrupted, with this new update the background noises will be removed saving emoting speech without changes. 
  • Expanded compatibility with professional cameras and virtual cameras such as Sony, Canon, or Nikon webcam apps: with 1.3 version professional and virtual cameras, as well as capture cards, are compatible with NVIDIA Broadcast — including Canon EOS Webcam Utility, Nikon Webcam Utility, Sony Webcam Utility, OBS Virtual Camera, and more.
  • Reduced VRAM usage by 40%: it leads to an increase in FPS while gaming.

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