Review: Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) Display Tablet

Check out this powerful 4K display from Huion and find out how it fares when it comes to various artistic tasks like sculpting and texturing.

A couple of months ago, Huion launched three new tablets for artists. The most powerful one was the Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) tablet featuring a 4K-resolution display for maximum detail. The team promised that the tablet fits in more pixels into the same area for clearer and sharper details even when you enlarge the image. I had a chance to spend a couple of weeks with the tablet and see if it is worth the money. 


The package is huge – the courier was a bit tired after delivering the tablet to my doorstep. Inside I found the new display that comes with a 140% sRGB color gamut, a full-lamination screen, and an etched anti-glare glass. Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) uses the QLED technique to increase the color gamut to 140% sRGB (102% Adobe RGB) for a more vibrant and saturated color on the display plus offers rich color reproduction with 1.07B (10bit) display colors. 

The pack includes an additional box full of accessories. First, you'll find cables to plug in the tablet. There's an HDMI cable, USB-A to USB-C cable, and USB-C to USB-C cable, plus a power adapter and AC cable. Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) supports a full-featured USB-C connection so you need only one cable to connect the tablet to your rig when this type of connection is supported or (that was my case) plug in an additional HDMI cable. What is more, the full-featured USB-C cable compatible with power cable can be used to plug in your Android devices to the tablet.

You will also find PW517, a pen with PenTech 3.0 technology, which is said to enhance reliability. Huion states the tip of the pen is more stable when drawing, offering less response time for a more realistic feeling. The pen comes with a set of felt nibs that are made of fiber materials to add more friction to the feel of the pen.

What is more, there's a mini keydial KD100 that supports the 2.4G wireless technology allowing you to freely place it on the screen or the desktop. I prefer using a Bluetooth keyboard for all the shortcuts in ZBrush and other software but this little friend can be modified based on your needs, so it might be a perfect match when it comes to 2D art or other tasks. 

The pack also includes an artist glove and a couple of other goodies. Here are all of the accessories you'll find inside the package: 

To set up the display I used an arm to attach it to my table and then chose the right angle. You can get some arms from Huion here or use a third-party solution – anything that can hold about 15lbs will do. The device comes with a headphone jack and 2 USB-A ports, plus a built-in, fold-out stand for better efficiency. I plugged in a Bluetooth keyboard plus a mouse via cable. One of the things I love about this display is that it can be used as a central hub for all kinds of devices – connecting the mouse and speakers allowed me to organize cables and save space. 


Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) supports HDR to boost the visual experience and comes with a full-lamination screen, meaning there are less cursor offset and better visual experiences. The team noted that the OCA glue is evenly applied to the whole screen, which eliminates the air gap between protection glasses and the LCD screen, so there's no space for the light bounce. 

Glasses are placed into the special acid for etching to apply special grains and textures on the surface of the screen. Huion states the etching process increases the wear and corrosion resistance of the screen. You can hold the power button to open a menu with different display settings – set up the brightness, turn on the HDR mode, choose the gaming mode, and more. 

Here are the full specs: 

  • 23.8 inches large screen
  • 4K resolution
  • QLED for 140% sRGB
  • 1200:1 Contrast ratio
  • Full lamination screen
  • Chemically etched anti-glare glass

To start using the device with your rig, you need to install drivers from the official website. You'll get an app that allows you to tweak settings and change shortcuts. Can't say it's filled with all kinds of different options but the menu feels sufficient.

Sculpting and Texturing

I began testing the tablet by drawing a gorilla head in ZBrush – it was a perfect review task as I had to sculpt micro skin details and add all the hair. The experience was perfect right away and it took just a couple of hours to get the desired shapes. I noticed one funny thing though – for some reason I limited the drawing space to a small sector as the tablet is so large compared to my laptop display. It took time to change this strange behavior, but the level of detail was astonishing, even when working on a small part of the display. 

The most time-consuming part when sculpting monkeys is getting the hair strands right. Thanks to the display size and the pro pen sensitivity it only took me a couple of hours with the first part of Die Hard to get to sculpting the final skin details. 

As for the pen, it has a solid build quality and its texture makes it comfortable to paint with. I also loved how the company positioned its two side buttons. Overall, the ZBrush part felt comfortable but I should note that you need a small Bluetooth keyboard if you're a fan of shortcuts too (I'm using Logitech K380).

I switched to Substance Painter to see whether it is good enough when it comes to texturing. The gorilla head didn't need complex materials, so I imported a model I've been working on for a while (based on a beautiful concept by artist Even Amundsen).

First, I played with different generators to texture the outfit and paint accessories. The tablet has an amazing colorful display making it easier to nail the desired details. Then, I started painting skin by applying blue, red, and yellow layers with black masks and the blur filter, plus adjusting the transparency. Have to say, I'm not a big fan of painting skin or creating human characters in general but I loved this fantasy blacksmith concept, as she has kind of an unusual look some might find horrid, which inspired me to explore the character.

I continued by applying dirt levels, tweaking roughness, and adding color variation which was also an easy step with the Huion tablet. Once again, the device has a 4K resolution which potentially makes it demanding hardware but I had no problem painting with it or even playing games (I know that's a strange way to use a pricey display for artists). My laptop has an RTX 2060, by the way. In case you're interested, the display comes with a 60Hz refresh rate.


The final step was to render the model – I put the pen aside, set the display like a standard display, and started playing with different lighting scenarios in Painter's Iray. The display size and the 140% sRGB color gamut come in handy when presenting the final model, plus you can once again inspect all the details. 

Here comes a different take on the device. I'm not just using it when working on art but also as a go-to display for any day-to-day tasks like writing news or conducting interviews. I know it's not important when you're choosing a professional device but that's still a nice bonus for me. 

As for art-related tasks, it has all you need: the right color gamut, vivid 4K display, and a well-designed pen with the needed sensitivity to nail tiny strokes. I know artists who don't like tablets with displays but if you're comfortable with them, Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) is a go-to choice and worthy competitor that can compete with other flagship devices. 

The display is available for $1299. Find more specs and get the tablet here.

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  • Anonymous user

    Hi Arti,
    thanks for yr great review. My Kamvas Pro 24 4k arrived this morning and I'm looking forward to using it, i have the K Pro 16 4k Plus as well and I was very impressed with the build quality, pen performance, and the colours looked gorgeous and even after looking at the usual 24" competitors, Wacom which is over $4k here in NZ, + stand of $900 and I could not justify that type of price to be honest and after reading the Wacom reviews on, I was shocked, plus the loud fans were too much for me.
    I think Huion has done an excellent job over the last couple of years with the improvements they have made regarding their 2 x 4k screens, premium build quality, no fans, IPS screen, QLED Quantum Dot technology, fully laminated, i couldn't see any parallax, accuracy is good, and the new PW517 pen performs very well, all in all and for that price range I felt this was the best 24" total package around at the moment for me, but thats just my own feelings and I am not a pro artist, i just use it for my own enjoyment.
    Thanks again Arti, all the best
    Cheers Kev Borg
    Auckland | NZ


    Anonymous user

    ·7 days ago·

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